Calling All Youth! This Is Top 2 College Rock Radio Stations


College Rock Radio Stations

Jamming to college radio stations are the best things ever to bring back the memories. The stations usually playing some hits or popular songs and even discuss a lot of topics from politic into exciting arts. Even they from college, they still provide you with the best music in town and played various of music genres.

If you interesting to hear some of the college radio stations, here are some recommendations that you should hear to boost your energy or just fancy headbangin. Let’s check this one out!

Calling All Youth! This Is Top 2 College Rock Radio Stations

1. WCWS 90.9 FM – The College of Wooster
WCWS 90.9 FM starts in 1922 by Professor Westhafer and become of the best college rock radio station. The radio stations bring one of the nation’s best lineup. They programming 10 alternative shows with five rock shows, four pop show and full four hours of Trans global Groove Collective on every Sunday afternoon, also a plethora of other random programming. They have such great DJs even the show is labeled as an alternative you can just hear anything from Danny Brown, Clam Casion and Star Slinger.

2. WICB 91.7 FM – Ithaca College
Ithaca College’s WICB 91.7 FM is another best rated top college rock radio station. In 2008, they won MTV Woody Award for Best College Radio Station and get top 10 in Princeton. The broadcast is reaches from Northern Pensylvania and Lake Ontario and the listeners can stream from anywhere by virtually.

The radio stations labeled for 24 hours and remaining the shows as modern rock but they have an eclectic mix of everything you want to hear. They also run 19 hours of hip hop scene with just only talk and news programming for three hours. They hold Homebrew show on Tuesdays from 8 – 10 p.m for spotlights music makers locally from Central New York. This radio station is very recommended for you who want to get a high quality music with various great shows that you can jam every day.

Those are the recommendations about top 2 college rock radio stations you should check out. It’s really great for you who want to listen to rock music while absorbing discussions on the radio. So, let’s take a listen and give it a try for both WICB 91.7 FM from Ithaca College and WCWS 90.9 FM from The College of Wooster. Do you wanna listen it?