4 Internet Rock Radio Stations Every Music Fan Needs

4 Internet Rock Radio Stations Every Music Fan Needs

The internet is the place to discover a new music and new favorite bands. It can be one of the more powerful tools in the discovery process through smaller stations. Some are established to figures the independent music scene, also radio students that run by students has a high standard of professionalism. It’s interesting to hear some music in a great station for your daily routines.

If you interesting to listen more about it, here some recommendations about 4 internet rock radio stations that every music fan needs. Let’s check this one out!

4 Internet Rock Radio Stations Every Music Fan Needs

  1. Resonance FM
    Resonance FM is one of the best rock radio station for every music fan needs. It contains around 100 reguler series on every subject. They usually play indie rock and the programs focusing on the development of third world countries. An eclectic schedule and it demands an equally eclectic tag, the station is diverse with content covering the niche and leftfield. It still maintains a number of series with a general appeal.
  2. Oui FM
    Oui FM is France’s version of America’s XFM called KEXP. This internet rock radio station mixing best of classic indie and rock which popular from years ago alongside with numbers by up and coming bands. They usually play a lot of tracks by French bands you’ve almost never heard of up until now, you can discovery the new music that will come pouring in thick and fast.
  3. Salford City Radio
    Broadcasting mega coorporation is the only gig in town for media types, since the BBC’s move to Media City a few years ago. Salford City Radio is offering some great community programming that focuses on local stories and issues while you can chilling with some awesome music. This radio stations contains 80 original programs and DJ Graeme Park as the former of Hacienda is a regular contributor.
  4. WRUV
    WRUV is an internet radio stations that broadcasts from the University of Vermont. This station probably different from others, because they give the DJs complete freedom to choose what they play in their weekly slots. Usually tracks or songs that selected will be dictated by the station’s general output and they have deemed worthy of playlist that appear. It happens in every station you are broadcasting on as a professional radio DJ.

Those are some recommendations from about 4 internet rock radio stations by every fan needs. If you love to listen rock music while surfing in internet, those 4 rock radio stations is the best choice.


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  1. I suggest also try take a visit for this :
    WZXR-FM – Rock 99.3 WZXR – Williamsport, PA
    WFMZ-FM – Classic Hits 104.9 – Wanchese, NC
    KJKJ-FM – KJ 108 – Grand Forks, ND
    WBXE-FM – B-Rock 93.7 – Cookeville, TN

    this is also the best rock station radio in United States you can find and enjot the rock music genre

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