Attention! This Is Top 3 Rock and Metal Radio Stations in The UK

Korn BBC Radio 1

Listening to rock anthems is really great idea to boost your energy, or you can just fancy head-banging. If you live in the UK or around, there are plenty of radio stations that provide you the best tracks of rock and metal. It also available in the UK on FM, online, DAB, and even your TV. So, you can easily tune into the radio stations in your devices.

If you want to hear it, here are some recommendations for top 3 rock and metal radio stations in the UK. Let’s check this out!

Attention! This Is Top 3 Rock and Metal Radio Stations in The UK
1. BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio is one the most listened radio stations in the country. The station will playing general music ranges from pop, rock and hip hop that have genre specific shows which available to listen to after 7 pm everyday.

You can tune into rock and metal show with Huw Stephens who play alternative and new artists from 11 pm every Monday to Friday. Annie Mac also a good choice to listen to from 7 pm for indie and a bit of rock music. On a Sunday, make sure tuo tune into Rock Show with Daniel P Carter at 7 pm, for a mix of metal, indie, rock and many more.

2. Kerrang! Radio
Kerrang! Radio is one of the best rock and metal radio station that owned by Bauer Radio. This station is available across the UK, you can listen it via Freeview at 717 and other online platforms like, TuneIn and app . They playing kind of rock sounds like nu-metal, screamo, emo, glam rock, punk, metal, deat metal, alt rock and many more. With presenters like Loz Guest, Alex Baker, and Johnny Doom.

3. TotalRock
TotalRock is an independent rock and metal radio station based in London. With presenters like Dom Lawson, Malcolm Dome and many others, the station playing a mix of old and new rock and metal tracks. TotalRock is available online in the UK and World and also Youtube Channel that showcasing interviews and live music. You listening to it by online on, TuneIn and BestRadio app.

That’s some recommendations about top 3 rock and metal radio stations that you should hear. It’s really worth it to try if you love listening to rock and metal scene. It must be very interesting and healing. Wanna try?

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