Best for Jamming! Here Top 4 College Rock Radio Stations

Best for Jamming! Here Top 4 College Rock Radio Stations

Rock Radio is not dead and always make someone excited to tune in. Every college is different, they all have their own culture, identity, and also traditions. That’s make the college radio stations are interesting because it represent kind of a trendy, underground and youthful way. They stations even playing the top hits or most popular songs, discussing a lot of topics from politics to art and so on.

If you interested to listen it, here are some recommendations of top 5 college rock radio stations that you should listen . Let’s check this out!
Best for Jamming! Here Top 4 College Rock Radio Stations

  • WCLH – Wilkes University
    Wilkes University’s radio station, WCLH made it to first list of top 5 college rock radio stations. The reason is because they have a niche and focuses its attention on playing heavy metal, alternative rock or even hip hop. They also have a programs about news and culture. You can tune it into Metal Mondays for rock, alternative rock and heavy metal scene.
  • WBRU – Brown University
    Brown University’s radio station starting life since 1936 by the students. WBRU is one of the best college rock radio stations in Rhode Island and some areas in Massachusetts. They provide commercial modern rock station that transmits out of Providence. Then, It also keeps the local happy and enjoying the music all day long.
  • KUPS – University of Puget Sound
    The University of Puget Sound’s radio station called KUPS is one of the coolest universities in the country. The station even won the MTV Woodie Award for the best college radio station. You can tune in 24/7 and you will hear a lot of music genres like Death metal, Rock, Techno, Shoe Gaze, Indie Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Blues. It’s really good radio station for you to hear every day.
  • WKNC – North Carolina State University
    WKNC is a college radio station from North Carolina State University. WKNC has several multiple categories for shows like Daytime, Chainsaw, Underground, Afterhours, and Local. Daytime show is playing indie rock, Chainsaw is for metal, Afterhours is electronica, Local is for North Carolina music only. So, this is one of the best in North Carolina.

Those are some recommendations about top 4 college rock radio stations. Even though it’s just a college radio that run by students, but it is still worth to hear in your daily routines. Hopefully this article will help you to refresh your mind.

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