Notice It! Why do Rock Radio Stations Always Play The Same Songs?

Rock Radio Stations

Some of you may notice that classic rock radio stations in certain areas such as South California always play the same songs. We all know that you feel bored while the songs once played on the radio. The songs even easily stuck in your mind and you won’t hum on it right?. The fact that there’s some reason why the things happened in every radio stations and it makes us curious sometimes

Are you curious about it? Here are the reason why the radio stations always play the same songs. Let’s check this one out.

Notice It! Why do Rock Radio Stations Always Play The Same Songs?
Radio is free but most people forget that it is a commercial business, it means they will make money as much as it can. Based on the number of listeners they make money by selling ads to businesses. Because the more listeners they get, it take more potential customers for the businesses. Classic rock radio stations will play what is the most popular songs to get more listeners tune in.

Classic rock radio stations have updated playlists for constantly based on song popularity like how often song gets played and how popular is it. For example you take the Billboard Top 40 rated songs playlist for the week. Really popular songs will be playing as often as every two hours because people wants to hear it the most. So, the more listeners you get by playing the current songs, it means the advertisers can get more customers. The more customers they get, you will paid and get more money by selling their ads on your radio stations.

That’s all about the reason why rock radio stations always play the same songs. So, now you know that there is a reason behind an activity right? Hope you can understand well about it.

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