Recommended! This Is Top 2 Rock Radio Stations in Metro Phoenix

KSLX 100.7 FM

People still listen to the radio even though they may change it into other devices. Like changing it into a CD, plugging the iPod and switching over to Spotify and also Pandora. Radio seems too old-fashioned despite of its popularity, but jamming out to the broadcast is something general public does. It also give another different vibes while tune in.

If you are living in Metro Phoenix and big fans of some local radio stations, here are some recommendations for rock radio stations in the areas. Let’s the information below!

Recommended! This Is Top 2 Rock Radio Stations in Metro Phoenix
1. KSLX 100.7 FM
KSLX 100.7 FM is one of the best classic rock radio stations in Metro Phoenix. You will give this radio station credit for being the most solid monument to the greatest American invention on music, Rock and Roll. You might have heard same old Aerosmith hits airing for a hundred times on other stations.

On KSLX, they not only do some serious things but they will make you and educate with their segments and programs. The programs that will found in this station such as Lunchtime Theme Park, Six O’clock Stoner, Gettin’ the Led Out and The Deep End shows on a Sunday night. They also tends to censor out some older stuff that was popular back then.

KWSS 93.9 FM

2. KWSS 93.9 FM
KWSS 93.9 FM is one of the best alternative or rock radio station in town. This radio station is making more strides in bringing the Valley after switching to a high powered frequency of its banquet of local, alternative, and just plain awesome music. You can hear the songs from such a great artists like Kongos, Bogan Via, Palm, Love and also a lot of judi bola neighborly musicians that will warm your heart likes Cults, Alt-J, LCD Sound system, and many more.

KWSS 93.9 FM have some programs like Monday Morning Record Club that playing the whole album from beginning to end. There also Laughing Gass on Driving with Gass and Long Song of The Day. It will bring you good feels when you listen to your friend’s podcast.

Those are some recommendations about top 2 rock radio stations in Metro Phoenix. You should hear the radio station and it will give you a great vibe for your daily dose of rock music. Let’s take a listen and give it a try! It must be very healing.

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