This Rock Radio Station Ready to Make You Headbang

This Rock Radio Station Ready to Make You Headbang

If you’re looking for some rock radio station to boost your mood and get a head-banging session after a tough day, tune in into Planet Rock is a good idea. Planet Rock was aired in 1999 and in 2008 it was threatened with closure in UK that provide with a lot of rock anthems.

This station was sold to Bauer Radio in 2013 and in Birmingham they took Kerrang!’s space on FM. It also available on DAB since 2016 even though the service is limited to certain areas. Before you listening to the Planet Rock, here are some informations about this awesome radio station. Let’s check this out!

This Rock Radio Station Ready to Make You Headbang
Planet Rock is a rock radio station that was aired in 1999. The station took Kerrang!’s space and available on DAB in 2016. The service is coverage in certain areas of the UK. You can listening to it through website at You can hear songs from all of the genres which classified into rock, with DJs such as Joe Elliott and The Hairy Bikers of Def Leppard and Alice Cooper. Many of Planet Rock’s presenters or DJs are members of some of the best rock bands.

You can listening to the epic songs which are bit too long for normal airing time in Mark Jeeves segment or program. It will playing some of the longer rock tracks on every Sunday from 8 pm. This rock radio station is available on FM at 105.2 which locally in Birmingham, DAB which has limited service in certain areas of the UK, and also by online site at

That’s all about some information for Planet Rock, one of the best rock radio station in the UK. Let’s have a listen!

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